Apr 2, 2013

(125-122) Stephen Strenio's Five Star Netflix Movies Countdown

Hello Readers,

I have rated almost 800 movies and TV shows on Netflix, and 125 of the movies got five stars. I then went through, sorted those movies out into seven tiers, and then ranked all the movies. These are only the movies that I've seen and ranked on Netflix. There may be movies I haven't seen, and there may be movies I haven't rated on Netflix. But otherwise, these are the official, undeniable rankings of all movies ever. Enjoy my brief reviews!

Today is the seventh-best group of movies. These movies could easily have not made the cut, but they did.

125. Jet Li's Fearless
#125 on this list is Fearless, a fairly self-indulgent Jet Li vehicle which I enjoy because I enjoy Jet Li, I enjoy martial arts movies, I enjoy characters who learn humility through manual labor, and I enjoy the trope of a sole Chinese master fighting off the might of the invading powers (here, explicitly Europe). A nice film, but it's not going to make you like Jet Li or martial arts movies if you didn't already. This should probably be a four-star movie, especially because "The Game of Death" is a four-star movie to me. Fearless is not as good as "The Game of Death", so, there you are. 

124. Legally Blonde
Legally Blonde is a nice comedy. It has some good messages about self-confidence, going for your goals, fighting sexual harassment, and how trust needs to be earned. It's funny, it's well-paced. The characters are as nuanced as you're going to get in a blockbuster comedy like this and Reese Witherspoon gives a great performance. Enjoyable, but kind of like Pokemon, it got a bit out of control and everything that's happened since has not been worth your time, let alone money.

123. Father of the Bride
I have a little bit of a Steve Martin thing, so this is on the list along with some other ones. Father of the Bride almost entirely relies on Steve as both the comedic and sympathetic focus of the action. He succeeds. I would imagine a lot of people aren't as high on Steve Martin as I am, because, you know "Cheaper by the Dozen (2)" and "The Pink Panther" remakes happened, but to me, those movies are as non-existent as "X-3: The One That Didn't Happen" and I can always rely on Father of the Bride and Parenthood and Roxanne (Two good ones that didn't make the list).

122. Men in Black
This is the only Will Smith contribution to the list and it's a really good buddy-cop, sci-fi, action blockbuster comedy featuring two really good actors in their primes. The plot is good, the comedy is consistent, with great visual humor, slapstick, one-liners, and character driven jokes. The actor who played the evil alien in human skin is one of the best portrayals of a non-human in film, up there with the hand-eye monster from Pan's Labyrinth. Will Smith's song is also still great.

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