Apr 3, 2013

(121-117) Stephen Strenio's Five Star Netflix Movies Countdown

Hello Readers,

I have rated almost 800 movies and TV shows on Netflix, and 125 of the movies got five stars. I then went through, sorted those movies out into seven tiers, and then ranked all the movies. These are only the movies that I've seen and ranked on Netflix. There may be movies I haven't seen, and there may be movies I haven't rated on Netflix. But otherwise, these are the official, undeniable rankings of all movies ever. Enjoy my brief reviews!

Today is the sixth-best group of movies. These movies have definitely earned five-stars from me, but they might not earn them from you.

121. Ip Man
Hey, so do you remember when I was talking about Fearless last time? This is the better version of Fearless. It's almost exactly the same movie, except the main character isn't Jet Li, the invaders aren't Europe (it's Japan!), and the manual labor is in a labor-camp instead of a farming village. So, if you're interested in seeing a high-quality Chinese serious (not comedy) martial arts movie set in the 20th century, this is the one. 

120. March of the Penguins
This is just a great nature-documentary. Penguins are wonderfully interesting, the footage is absolutely beautiful and the narration is incomparable. If you like looking at beautiful landscapes and adorable animals while learning a little bit about the world you live on, this is a thing you could do those things with.

119. Ghostbusters
I have a bit of a Bill Murray thing, but it's not for his comedies as much as for when he realized that being an iconic comedic figure made him an amazing tragic figure, a la Pagliacci. That said, Ghostbusters is amazing. It's a great action movie, a great comedy, and an original romance all woven brilliantly into a single compelling plot. Enjoy!

118. City Lights
Charlie Chaplin! I have not seen enough of his movies and I think this is the only one I rated on Netflix. The other one of his that's fantastic is "The Great Dictator" and, I mean, all the other ones also. He is a brilliant silent actor who knew more about the entire process of making a movie than it seems possible for anyone these days. Silent films force the characters to be based on actions and reactions, without being able to fall back on telling you what they're supposed to be with dialogue.

117.The Artist
The Artist is what you can do with a silent movie after 80 years of film-making techniques have been created. Also there's singing, dancing, and a puppy. Plus it's thoroughly depressing and cynical. My favorite!

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