Jan 20, 2013

Long and Boring, the Start of Something Useless.

Now that I, who had, for one brief moment, understood without thinking, the patterns of the stars, and the life of the trees, have forsaken that path, and returned to the words which have guided men since they first were spoken, I feel I ought to embrace it.

And so, I have the thought, to start with the words this time, instead of the silence. Because the silence, while it worked, could never translate to those who needed words. And those who need words are the ones who need what the silence brought.

Which is to say, let us start from nothing and build to enlightenment, with words.

From basic principles:
      That which exists, exists. Or;
      Existence exists. Or;
      What is, is. OR;
      Experience is experienced. Or;
      What you feel is felt. Or;
      Consciousness is conscious.

Which do you prefer?

For all things, if that thing exists, then it exists.
Existing itself exists.
Things do exist.
Taste, touch, scent, sight, hearing, thought are experienced.
Your experience is experienced by you.
Thinking is thought.

Reduced to two:
      Existing exists, contains things, and for each thing, it exists if it exists.
      Your experienced sensations (thought and the senses) are experienced by you.

Now, here, in the land of words, is a divide. For you could start talking about what is in terms of things and their existence, or you could start talking about what is in terms of sensations and their experience.

There is no divide. Reduced to one:
      Existence contains all things which may experience sensations.

What are such things?