Dec 20, 2011

Air Bud 43: Ear Buds!

It's been over a week and I haven't posted so I thought I would post this.

I recently got new earphones.
They are the kind that go all the way in
to the center of your ear.
Burrowing in and blocking out and resonating.
Before the music comes on,
a sip of soda
burbles and ripples.
The foam on the creek,
like pop and ice cream.

Dec 12, 2011

Sesshin Completed

So I finished Sesshin on Saturday, spent Sunday laying in a semi-comatose state and it's back to work again today. Apparently lots of things happened in the world while I was away. Possibly some of those things were interesting. Here is something that happened in my world.

If you have ever sat still for a prolonged period of time you will understand that it hurts. If you have not, you may not even believe it. But, it is true.

The pain comes from different places at different times.

A simple beginning is if you are in an uncomfortable posture. If your neck is bent or arm nerves are pinched, this will hurt. But, even after you have gotten to a comfortable posture it will still hurt! Perhaps, you have stopped the obvious pain but you are not balanced, and prolonged rest in this position will strain muscles or joints (or even bones!)

Ok, so, now you have figured out how to sit, balanced and comfortable. It may still hurt! Rejoice! You have gotten to the point where the pain is only existing, not being enhanced! This. This is an accomplishment worth enjoying.

Unfortunately, it is somewhat hard to enjoy yourself while you're still in pain. So, you probably will want to get away from this pain. Well, this pain is one part residual physical problems and three parts residual habitual pain and fear. So, you can reduce the pain by 75% just by letting go of your habitual pain and fear.

Of course, it is not so easy to do. Really, what you have to do is squish how to do this out of your butt. So sit on your butt. Squish it down. Get all the way down to your butt bones. And then squish them! Slowly, slowly, slowly, gravity will force all this wisdom, stored in your butt, into the rest of you.

Probably, you can trust this. Probably, once you trust this, you will have just some physical pain. Now, enjoyment!

Dec 2, 2011


Hello world,

I will be incommunicado from approximately 7:30pm tomorrow night (west coast time) until approximately 9pm on Saturday, December 10th. Why? Because I will be doing sesshin. Rohatsu sesshin.

This means from 5am until 9pm I will be sitting, working, resting, stretching or studying, silently, with no eye-contact, no reading (other than study materials), no writing (other than study notes), no computers, no phones, no physical contact, eyes downcast for the whole week.

I will see you on the other side, readers!